Conclusion The Ugly Indian
All these stories are from Church Street, Bangalore.
This is Bangalore’s prime ‘fun’ street – with over 30 restaurants, pubs, bookstores and entertainment spots.
Due to the efforts of a few Not-so-Ugly Indians, (see their photos) it has become quite a pleasant, walkable street. It's still not perfect. But it's a whole lot better than it has ever been.
More importantly, there is hope that the Ugly Indian can change.
Over a dozen ‘problem’ spots have been ‘solved’. Local support has been overwhelming.
Maybe, just maybe, we can keep one street in one Indian city clean.
It is a small beginning, but we see hope. Do you ? Tell us at   theuglyindian@gmail.com, or post on our (clean) wall at   The Ugly Indian Facebook
Are you an Ugly Indian ? Would you like to make a change in your surroundings ?
Write to us. Some of our learnings may be of use. You can take that first step today.
Is your street clean? Do you think we are being bit harsh on ourselves? Please send us some photos of your street and we will gladly publish them here!
Do you want to contribute your specialist skills ?
Architects, designers, civil engineers, landscape artists, wall painters - your city needs you!
We were inspired by the War on Litter Institute. Read their WOLPapers. We have contributed a few WOLPapers already!
There is hope. The Ugly Indian is not that ugly after all.                   Not So Ugly Indian