Filth on the Footpath The Ugly Indian
The cynic in you is saying : Itís just a few pots isnít it?
It still looks tacky. How long will it last?
The pots will get stolen. Garbage will return.
Thatís what most people said.
Well, it has lasted 6 months. On the Indian street.
That is some achievement.
It took a lot of doing. This is about persuasion
and smart design. It involves understanding
why people were like that only, and not lecturing.
It required building trust with the garbage
collectors. With the shop-owners. With cleaning
staff. With the recyclers.
It was worth it. Over a 100 shops have voluntarily
changed their daily garbage dumping behaviour.
The Ugly Indian
The Ugly Indian
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The Ugly Indian
The Ugly Indian
The Ugly Indian
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